Sunday, May 16, 2010

mendel 109 printing

After several diferent firmware attempts I retried joaz's mega fork and got success.
Ive been working on tuning since i got the first shotglass print. The reprap firmware shotglass printed fully though it was a very poor quality print. after a lot of skeinforge massaging and quite a bit of assistance from tonok on irc i was able to get a reasonably high quality shot glass printed. The second skeinforge print was a wades extruder which came out realy well (after numerous aborted attempts).

I found that my x and z steps per mm settings were off and made adjustments ( i hope in the right direction) but havent had a chance to get a full print since.

note for my changes i got 106mm out of 109 for full lenght and 25mm instead of 28mm for height.

for z (which was most pronounced) i went from 400 steps to 448. dont remember what i did for x off the top of my head but i went the same direction.

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