Tuesday, June 8, 2010

moving to the boat.

well, im starting my move to the boat so have to get some of my junk into storage. I have a bunch of pneumatic cylinders and vfd's im holding on to for future projects.

gonna try to show the pics here, we shall see :)

hmm, that didn't inbed the pictures but you can look at the stream and see what im talking about.

in the junk is a bunch of hitachi serial controler interfaces. they support rs485 and one of these days i may get around to interfacing them with mendel. though i might wait till i have the forth firmware running which would make it completly autonomous printing.

still having issues with my x axis. if you look at the failed print of the pink panther woman you can see a distinct sine wave traveling up her legs. I really wish i knew where it was coming from.
the period of it is so great it has me realy flabbergasted.

I did order a new mega board so i can start working on the forth port firmware. I have high hopes that this project will be worthwhile. Forth is a real good fit for reprap.

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