Tuesday, March 16, 2010

extruder board firmware

well, Ive desoldered both h-bridges on one of the extruder boards and soldered in wires to D5-8
and connected those to a old v1.2 stepper board hooked up to the lin stepper.

It appears to work very well though the firmware doesnt support this configuration in any way. I tried rewriting the firmware to use the outputs as enable/step/direction but had no success with it so far. I did get it stepping by just connecting the direction signal to step but then I have no way to control direction. (note: this is with makerbot firmware)

I will keep working on it though.

oh as a aditional note, when i ordered my 624 bearings i didnt order enough so im short 1 or 2 and im waiting for more to arrive before i get too excited about running mendel 109-01's axies


  1. So, I'm curious. If you are using a mendel, then why not just wire the SDA/SCL outputs of the MB directly to the stepper driver instead of routing them through the extruder board? If you have your own stepper driver board I don't see the need to pass through the extruder.

  2. You need to wire those to the extruder board so it can process its signals properly.
    I've got my v1.2 stepper driver working now off signals from the extruder board.
    I'm using Mendel firmware

  3. I'm also using mendel firmware and the SDA/SCL pins are used to push step and dir to the extruder which turns them into signals the h-bridge can use to drive a stepper. but if you aren't using the h-brides, you can just push the step/dir signals right into a stepper driver board(like the pololu one I'm using) and works just fine. I've only just hooked this up, so haven't tested thoroughly, but my stepper moves and pushes plastic well enough.

  4. im still using the makerbot firmware not the reprap firmware. I have tried to upload the reprap firmware to my motherboard a few times without any real success, it always compiles fine but doesnt run properly. The reprap firmware also has certain limitations on it i havent been able to get past, namely that it still doesnt support printing off the sd card. I do plan on using the reprap firmware soon but untill i get it compiled properly well, still using the makerbot firmware.