Wednesday, March 10, 2010

stepper extruder

well, i recieved two makerbot nema 23 stepper motors two days ago and two nema 17's from lin yesterday so im back to working on my bowden mount's.

Big Notice for anyone attempting to connect the makerbot motor directly to the extruder board.....DONT.

I ran it for about 5 minutes without any filament in it and all looked good so i began feeding the filament through and after about 220mm at 10 steps/?units everything stopped. I no longer get anything out of the h bridge's so im assuming i burned them out. I Then (a little late) looked at the specs and saw how much current those motors pull and realized how bad of a idea it had been.

I have a bunch of the pololu boards coming so i plan on trying the new electronics adrian posted and see how i like them but for now im just down another extruder board.

The other thing that sucks is with all the printing ive been doing both of my functional makerbot gearmotors are wore out and they are out of stock on them again, so im kind of at a printing standstill right now.

I have a mendel extruder printed already but the drive hub I made that would fit it i had to modify for the 23 motor shaft which is now not working and my geared mendel extruder i printed now has a issue with the small gear not fitting tight enough on the lin shaft to drive it there either.

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