Sunday, March 21, 2010

extruder issues

well, after getting the firmware installed and getting the configuration functioning ive been working on the extruder. I keep having problems getting all of my set ups functioning. All of the bowden systems ive set up have so far failed. not sure why yet but the amount of pressure required keeps pushing the bowden cable out of the connections. Some of the problem may be with the peek insulators developing to much friction on the filiment. I have tried it with pla and abs, when i use the pla it starts puddling at the top of the insulator and the filiment begins deforming from the heat. Abs just seems to jam. Eventualy i will figure out the issue but right now i just want functionality.
I have tried using one of the last of my ptfe insulators directly coupled to my original mendel extruder. Unfortunately i havent been able to fix it into the extruder mount solidly. I tried using screws but those ripped the plastic, and ive tried epoxy but that didnt develop a effective bond.

I am still working on solutions

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