Saturday, March 6, 2010

mendel built

well, i have all my mendel peices printed and assembled now, all the electronics on it (sort of) and have been moving the axies and even tried a first print. unfortunately i have two different issues.

First to the electronics, I only have 2 functional gen 2 stepper boards and i have 2 1.2 stepper boards. I have 1 each dead 2.3 and 1.2 boards so it makes it hard to have a single firmware that supports both. right now im back to using a proto board and a arduino mini as a signal conditioner on the 1.2 to invert the enable line.
This just makes it difficult to clean up the electronics and mount it permenantly on the frame. Im also probably going to have to mount the steppers different from the instructions since my ribon cables are all too short to reach from the motherboard all the way to under the y build table.

now to the other issue.

all three axies are too stiff and are causing my steppers to skip steps in at least one direction. Im probably going to have to dissasemble it and work on improving the alignment.

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