Thursday, March 18, 2010

reprap firmware and direct to stepper

Well, after seeing some of the comments to my last post I decided to try the reprap firmware again and connect the stepper driver directly to the mb using the sda/scl pins directly. The firmware appears to have uploaded to both boards so My hopes are up right now.

Another new thought came to me last night as i was working on it. I happend to look over at one of my old extruder heater expiriments that got me thinking along another line. I had tried using a stainless insulator and was using a Nordson glue gun tip in it .016 in oriface. As i looked at it all of a sudden the thought of a water jet cutting tip flashed in my head so today i threw together a pressure washer coupler, a bolt with a 1/8" hole drilled through the center and one of these tips. I was of course hoping to get enough pressure to potentialy cut through something with it but my first tries have not been promising though i have to admit we have the pressure turned way down right now due to several people cutting themselves using just regular nozzels (i think its between 900-1200psi right now) and since they are using it for production cleaning i dont have a oportunity to turn it up and see what it might do.
I also was looking at some info online and it appears the lowest pressure a commercial waterjet cutter runs at is about 20,000psi which is way higher than I want to try rigging together right now. Im hoping that i might be able to cut thin aluminum sheeting at as little as 3000# since ive seen hydraulic lines pop holes in themselves and cut through peices of sheetmetal before.

I will keep posting any info I come up with.

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